The Belt

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The Belt
Kesnick dropped a dime into Rita's big cleavage. She chased
him down the halls and later he told us about it with
his feet on the desk and his hands behind his head.
Before the addictions Felix with his scummy teeth spat on my
Beatle boots and chucked a moon at Martine Freeman.
I fought in the trenches and rolled cigarettes and saw too many
good kids die and I liberated France and Martine cried in my
arms and her father had a farm and there was cheese and
candy for her little sister.
Zang pointed out that she had a pimple on the back of her neck
and a fat vein in her leg.
Fascism was a haircut and a way of staring at people.
De Lia slicked his crew cut with a roll-on stick. He had no use
for Spics, especially little Domingos. He threw a cherry
bomb into a Little League game, fourth inning, bases loaded,
dead center, pow!
His father beat him up, he was a plumber.
My father was strictly tool and die.
We played chicken, wolf and ringolevio. De Lia taught us hot beans.
If you're It you hide the belt, a thick black leather belt.
Everyone looks for it and you go hot warm cool cold. Whoever
finds it yells, "Hot Beans!" and can hit anyone he catches
all the way home.
Moley started a tradition. He'd hang around home base with a belt
of his own and hit whoever came by first. He hated pussies.
You couldn't run slow or you'd get it and you couldn't run fast
or you'd get it. But you could always grab Matty Pelicano
and throw him at Moley cause Moley didn't like him much
The worst thing was to fall and somebody's over you with the
belt smiling and not saying much and not hitting you, but you
know that soon as you make a move...
You could use the buckle, but no one did until De Lia
smacked Little Domingos hard across the face and Domingos
didn't even go for home. He got up with his face in his
hands and yelled, "Shit!"
De Lia called Little Domingos a greaseball Spic and then Domingos
actually hit him. It was a mistake. De Lia was big and he
beat on him bad and pinned his shoulders under his knees
and spit a bunch of times in Domingos' face. Then Domingos
cursed him and De Lia ripped his pants off and his underwear
All of us stood around. Domingos wasn't clipped and I had never
seen that before. Nobody helped him. I never hung out with           
Little Domingos again.
At lunch that week I spat in De Lia's apple brown betty and broke
a plastic spoon stirring it in. He ate it all. Nobody
told him. He'd have kicked my ass.