Classic Sculpture; Death of a Warrior

Classic Sculpture; Death of a Warrior
Lumbering down, heavy
without shock or shame as a sigh
falls, almost rehearsed the way
he clings to his shield, the way
the sword falls (sound of slow iron
striking a stone underwater), his knees
dig into the wet sand; all sense
somehow new like this heaviness,
this sun sparkling fresh and moist
in his eye, now open
and now still.

Retired Colonel Thaddeus Montgomery

Retired Colonel Thaddeus Montgomery
had seen enough to know.
Take an island
no bigger than Central Park,
already crawling with one hundred
and twenty five thousand Japanese
and pour your own one hundred and twenty
five thousand G.I.'s in
let 'er smoke
a few days and count heads for a winner;
the dead men dance in the wave wash,
the mud so full of blood she clots around
a hole,
  dead for awhile and the flesh
dries up like old chicken.
 Seen enough
to know!  No Sir, not again, not me,
cause now I'm packin' food and ammunition,
packin' a two way radio far off
in the hills and when those nucular suckers go
it's let 'er smoke a few days
and count heads for a winner.
So don't come around here when it's too late
lookin' to trade food for ammunition; come that time,
I'll be damned if, by and by, I don't get 'em both.

The Daily News

The Daily News
I was eating breakfast
when a man leapt from my Daily News,
7 stories and crashed into my eggs
over easy.
The cook's nose is clogged,
he needs a chimney sweep.
He sticks a thickly finger deep
and yanks a baked potato.
17 gorgeous steeds
break from the gate
and behind me
a man sneezes shapes
all over my favorite athlete
leaping through
The Daily News.

Photo Of Reznikoff

Photo Of Reznikoff
With books on brown wood
shelves behind him, he leans
into the light. His veiny
white haired hands hint at
blue, though black
and white. His eyes sparkle
softly, suggest a scent
of rumpled bed sheets
or an empty coat
hung from the door.
One life spent faithfully
serving the world in the eye,
delineating the corners
of a jewel; pressed between
the pages of a book, one frail
and faded flower.