State Song

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 State Song
for the honorable William J. Higginson
Bordered by rivers east and west, the Ramapo
Mountains to the north and the Delaware Memorial
Bridge to the south, home of the nation's best pizza
and poets; too many pinball and linoleum counters
to mention and these are the boardwalks of heaven
where kids in cutoffs drop coins into flashy
electrical altars, flipper slam balls to light
the eyes, ring the buzzers, bells of televised
death struggles as the coasters careen
over an ocean whose percentage of sewerage
is exceeded by none in the world. Here in Jersey
were happy as pigs swimming in shit and have
metal detectors checking our sands for a quarter
and even beyond to the Turnpike's Vulcanic dream
where the majestic Pulaski Skyway pulses
against the orange sky of flashing fire,
O Kansas eat your heart out, Missouri show me
better and California we manufacture the blonde
bleach which glorifies your beach's bums.
Sayreville, New Jersey's the home
of the Hercules Chemical Plant, New Jersey's
the home of millions of plants, so love us
America, we are the Garden State.