Seeker boy squats on Earth shoes

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Seeker boy squats on Earth shoes
longs for Colorado clean air
and good vibrations.
Professor's got a brief case
and a pocketful of classical fantasies
for mind loving wide-eyed girl students.
Roller skater girl loves the wind
and the cruel spin
of her spin on her wheels
on the pavement.
Mailman walks and walks
and worries about Yankees
and the slim lead in the East.
Woman painter’s building bookshelves
and finds cinder blocks hard to come by
and reads the Secret Life of Plants.
Orphan kid got an airplane.
Cameraman strolls the parks
he shoots ducks and dogs and trees and loners
he's a people loving guy.
Bird watcher woman
gets checks from home
and tickets to Picasso.
Weary office worker
looks in the sky for diarrheic pigeons.
McDonald land sweeping the country
there's no Americans there
there's no decay there
there's no bugs, winos or flabby arms there
no sweat at all there
just happy
happy happy
happy happy people eating shit
and gollying us all to death.