Rimbaud’s Prayer to The Statue of Vercingetorix

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Rimbaud's Prayer to The Statue of Vercingetorix
Blood Father,
Each of my veins has lips for you.
My brain is beaten by your hands through and through.
Blood Father,
My feet are the tenth part of an army.
My spirit burns up from my feet.
Blood Father,
My cock spawns maggots and I am a death father.
Blood Father,
Had your mouth been a reservoir,
I couldn't have swum in the night.
Blood Father,
Your face is carved in stone.
You try to sing, you only moan.
Blood Father,
Your flexing fist within my chest.
My dripping cock can't sing the rest.
Blood Father,
My throat is a drain filled with hair.
I can't sing, I just stare.