Portrait Of A Lady

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 Portrait Of A Lady
Frozen rivers reduced to landscapes
of shattered blocks and boxes by steel
headed ships in your orbit and yet
you seem to stare off to where the snow
is blue beyond a further shore and yes
you are strong, your missiles blast and burn
the blue sky black as yellow metal insects
suck the soil's colors while you recline
and dine upon your daily feast of peasant
blood and blood is your color despite
the draping liquid silks you use
to fool the bleeding bulls that adore
you, heartless one, your heart is like
a diamond's core, cool and void, whose
splintered light gathers cargo, game and gold
to you, your flesh so cool and dry and yet
beyond this show the soul you don't possess
is a warm and dank Sargasso; take care,
the eels you've spawned don't turn
again to slay you, O modern Madonna,
Queen of Capital,
in a Fifth Avenue window.