Only October Can Be This Way

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Only October Can Be This Way
For Doris Brautigan
The crowd on 6th Avenue
was a foreign movie badly dubbed.
The wind snatched words from people's faces
and threw their grunts all over the place.
A language you've seen but never heard.
"Colonel Bleep's
  behind this inexplicable evil
  pervading the air..."
She said, casually,
so as not to upset me.
It was true, he was!
Beyond these streets, these coffee saucers
littered with torn sugar packets
bearing birds and historical women,
back beyond to a floor deep in our memories
where we, fingers in mouth, squatted
and watched the spheroid colonel
from the Planet Television who blipped
and bleeped like a digital radio with throat cancer.
We kissed and hugged
and Parised all over New York.
Hours later
I watched her disappear
up 5th Avenue,
never having known her name,
never expecting to see her again!
All sad in the final world
and excited about
my last few hours on Earth.