October 1923

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October 1923
The stainless steel stars
            sparkled beyond the trees
                        which were pastel sails in the wind.
He stalked into the cool club
            and the mute cry baby horns delighted
                        the hip moon and the mirror
                                    revealed his perfect part
as he caught her eye in the corner.
A Chablis drinking brushstroke blonde
            caught his eye and went big boy to his hey doll
                        and the wedding was lovely after all
                                    and when the market crashed
            she got a dust bowl dress of faded roses
                        while squatting with a stick
                                    he drew his future in the dust
which the wind blew away.
But she planted a Victory Garden
            and he carried a flashlight
                        down the boardwalk and knocked
                                    on lighted doors when submarines
                                                were off Asbury
and the Commies were in movies
            and government and Jew Commies and Queer Commies
                        and Big Shot Commies were out of work
                                    and now the Goddamn kids were Commies too
                                                and things made less sense
            than Rock and Roll diction
and the services were lovely after all
            just the way he'd a wanted it.