Diagraph #8

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Diagraph #8
We drank brown wrapper beers
in front of the Liquor Store
on Washington Avenue. Shoppers
looked us over cautiously
as the cars drove by
with the change of a stop light.
"Yea man
 I work on CETA
 painting park benches."
"I bet you meet a lot of ladies."
"No shit man
 a mess of ‘em over in Van Saun.
 There's one chick with tits out to here.
 She could choke a fucking horse.
 She works in the zoo part."
"No shit, do you work in the zoo?"
"Dig it! Today I'd just finished my lunch
 as the fucking goat was giving birth.
 So there's this chick. You know,
 the one with the tits, whose
 helping it out, you know.
 So I'm watching and all of
 a sudden the goat falls into
 the chick's hands. Then a ton
 of blood and shit. I nearly puked.
 I said hold on I just finished eating lunch."
Bobby that's afterbirth."
"Yea...well that's some gross shit man."