Caribou Comes To A Highway

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Caribou Comes To A Highway
From high atop an overpass he looked along the massive
asphalt; one long stone going everywhere. His fingers
wrapped around the cool blue steel of an anchor fence.
What a loud and secret thing it was! Trucks rumbled
in long streamlines of wind! Slick fast moving cars zipped
off into the night, swift like a snake tongue snapping!
Radio songs came and went! Fast headlights white and spangly
coming this way, red lights gone and going that way! All
that sparkling glass banding the world around like
shooting stars in harness. That way to dank New Orleans
where a bartender closes his bar and an old piano player
plays to himself beneath the gliding hush of a slow
spinning fan on the ceiling. Straight off the San Fran
sailors were strolling docks and winking at whores. A new
world! A brave world with Chicagos, Miamis and Amarillos!
With Gold Coasts, Zanzibars and Pensicolas! Pulsing
from far off, throbbing alive in the stony maze beneath
his feet, itching to get a move on, to shift gears and
advance token to boardwalk.