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 American Slideshow
            (teenage terrors
                        pimplified pie)
Ah this what you got
       when all you dreamed of was a
California Golden Sun setting in a sea of Pepsi Cola?
Dick Clark you know you promised...
            (fat crawlers, butter bawlers
                        moppamommy's lover baby)
O you cold war this what you got
                 when all you wanted was a
Panting tigress slow motioning thru a sea of tall wind grass
            hump‑bumpin' to yer heart throb time?
James Bond say it aint so...
            (middle-aged fe‑man
                        varicosed virility)
Ah this what you got
            when all you worked for was a
Flannel shirt and a fireplace all nestled
            in a big two hearted love story?
Et tu James Mason...
            (wrinkle rotted freeloaders
                        turned away, torn away)
O you fading this what you got
            when all you begged for was a
Fly rod fishing' friend and a coupla' ole jokes
            easing' em out slow on a time traveled canoe?