A Little Man’s Sculpted Rage: GI JOE TURNS 30

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A Little Man's Sculpted Rage:
"An icon for the age,"
 say toy makers,
            a market coup,
fighting through jungles
            and deserts in 60%
                        of American boy minds.
250 million sold
            since 1964 dawned
                        on its hound-faced president.
A male for the species,
            a scar on his jaw,
                        running down Lyndon's belly
to Kennedy heads,
   -a song line sung to shattered ancestors-
Cracking frost lines,
            etching scar on the pane
                        -the crouching sin beneath Joe's whip
                        roars Ken's seven-fold vengeance-
The scarred doll retreats across his bloody earth.